The Transformation of Pawn Shops in the New Millenium



Did you know that pawn shops can be found in every city in every country? In fact, according to the national pawnbrokers association, about 30 million customers visit pawn shops each year! Unfortunately though, for many years pawn shops received a seedy reputation that hurt its image. By many people pawn shops were only seen as places where criminals could sell their stolen merchandise. Thankfully, modern laws have stopped that practice completely!
At today’s modern pawn shop the take your fingerprint, a copy of your driver’s license, and other personal information to make it much easier to track criminals who pawn stolen goods. Did you also know that pawn shops are also required to hold new items for a few weeks before making them available for sale? This is another method used to handcuffsstop the selling of stolen goods. Those few weeks allow time for any stolen items to be reported.


These new practices combined with large criminal penalties have made it virtually impossible for criminals to utilize pawn shops to sell their hot merchandise. This shift of policy and new implementations has results in a significant improvement in the public’s view of pawn shops.
The recent popularity of several pawn shop shows has also transformed the public’s view in to that of a positive one. Some of these shows include:

  • Pawn Stars

  • Hardcore Pawn

  • Pawn Queens

  • Cajun Pawn Stars

And even more! There is definitely not a shortage of these types of shows which follow the everyday operations of pawn shops in cities including Las Vegas, Detroit, and the South. These shows have done a lot for the pawn industry and changing the public’s perception as they get to know reputable, honest pawnbrokers and their diverse clientele.
Pawn shops really get a bad rap from short term history. Did you know they actually have a long, rich history? They date back to more than 3,000 years ago when there was no such thing as a line of credit, there were no banks to offer a loan, and there were no credit card companies. Therefore, if you needed a bit of extra money, you went to balls2your local pawn broker! In fact, the three balls that are found on lots of pawn shop logos actually date back hundreds of years. These three balls were used to symbolize a pawn shop back in a time when most people couldn’t read.
Today the average pawn loan is around $100 dollars and 8 out of 10 people return to pay off the loan and retrieve their belongings. In addition to loans, pawn shops also purchase items outright. This makes pawn shops a wonderful place to shop if you’re seeking new or lightly used merchandise, ranging from electronics, to jewelry, to equipment, and even to antiques and collectibles! You local pawn shop is guaranteed to have a variety of items you may never thought you would find there, and usually at low prices you couldn’t find anywhere else.
So next time you need to sell an item or need a bit of extra money to make ends meet, visit your local pawn shop!


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