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Remember the days of the seedy looking pawnbroker in the dingy looking store that just looked like they were ready to rip you off? Remember how embarrassing it was if someone found out that you or your friend had gone to a pawn shop? It was assumed that you were either desperate broke, on drugs or alcohol, a thief, or just a person with a questionable moral fabric. You may have been treated poorly by the person standing in the loan booth; like a 2nd class citizen. Glares and looks of annoyance and inconvenience were clearly displayed on their faces. You could tell they were sizing you up to see exactly how little they could loan you and how quickly they could get you out of the store.

Fast forward to the new millennium where pawn shops now look like the high end jewelry stores that you find in Las Vegas or on Rodeo Drive. Mirrors, imported Italian marble, glowing lights, and glass cases that shine with Rolex watches on display. Gone are the caged in loan booths; they have replaced by nice loan areas where you can sit 00267126down and relax. In fact, no worries about where you sit because the place is so clean you’re wondering if they can teach your kids how to clean their bedrooms! Now it is a place you feel like you are conducting a legitimate transaction and not something illegal.
Designers such as Tiffany, Levian, Rolex, and Cartier fill the jewelry cases and Kinkade paintings line the walls, transporting you to the feeling of an art museum! You’ll also see Lladros displayed elegantly on shelves and purses with names like Coach, Jimmy Choo, and Louis Vuitton selectively hung so the quality of the items can be seen and touched by those interested in purchasing.
And the service that you receive, WOW! A smiling face dressed in pressed dress pants and a polo shirt, or even a nice suit, actually asking if they can help you! You will find employees that are willing to educate you on the quality of the gems and metals you have or seek, in fact, they are willing to take the time to show you whatever you want. This is now a place where you are educated on the merchandise that will get you the loan amount you need. They can also help you determine if it is better to get a loan or sell.

Yes, Pawn Shops have come along way from what they used to be. You can now get the help and money you deserve in an economy that is not very forgiving. You won’t have to worry about dirty stores, seedy customers, or whispering friends. In fact, they will be asking how you got so much cash so fast or a that new Rolex watch so cheap. Go by and check out your local pawn shop and see for yourself. We are the new wave of the future.


5250 west Grand Ave,

Gurnee, IL 60031

Phone. 630-708-7296